How New Jersey's Stringent Back-Seat Seatbelt Laws Could Save Your Life

According to a new survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, while 91 percent of Americans always buckle up when they drive, only 72 percent do the same when they're a rear passenger.

A few common reasons cited include not being able to find the rear seatbelt, finding it too uncomfortable, or simply forgetting. However the most common response—40 percent—say it's because buckling in the back seat is not mandated by law.

Only 29 states have rear-seat belt laws, and of those, only 20 have primary enforcement (meaning you can pulled over just for being unbuckled). New Jersey is one of those 20 states.

It may seem harsh for Freehold drivers to be ticketed because a passenger riding in back didn't click their belt, but 60 percent of survey respondents claimed they would comply with more stringent belt laws... and buckling up in the back seat saves lives.

Rear-seat occupants are eight times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash when they are not wearing a seat belt, and not only that, the driver is twice as likely to be killed. That's because unrestrained passengers become high-speed human projectiles in a serious crash, and their collision with the back of the driver's seat can crush the driver into the steering wheel.

Always remember to fasten your seatbelt, even when riding in a taxi!

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