Stop Wasting the Oil, 3000 Miles is too Short for Modern Cars

If you have been following the old rule of changing the oil after every 3000 miles drive, it is time to abandon the habit. It is not a rule, but a myth. Modern vehicles perform perfectly well with oil that has stayed in the car for over 3000 miles. Freehold Ford highlights some of the reasons why you should stop wasting your money on frequent oil change:

  • Modern oil has more robust qualities that allow it to stand the heat and still protects your engine from wearing out.
  • The engines have been manufactured in such a way that the moving parts have better tolerance.
  • The introduction of synthetic oil has given most vehicles the ability to cover up to 15,000 miles without an oil change.

While the above points are right, it is essential to read your car manual to get the exact time and factors that affect when to change the oil. Visit Freehold Ford for servicing and more professional explanation

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