Being Prepared for Your Upcoming Holiday Road Trip

As the holiday is once again fast upon us, this year it will serve you well if you took the time to plan ahead for things that might go wrong and delay your arrival to your holiday destination. The best time to plan for any potential trouble on the road is while you are sitting comfortably at home, and our team at Freehold Ford is here to help!

Now is the time to plan alternate routes around busy airports or to look for other roads around major cities where you get caught in traffic year after year. Be sure to pack an emergency box with things like tools, water, duct tape, snacks, a gas can, and road flares. The best time to be driving to your destination is a few days before the holiday arrives. This means you should be on your way while all the other drivers are still home packing for the trip.

Take an afternoon and swing by our showroom at 3572 Route 9 South, so we can give your vehicle a complete inspection to ensure it is road ready.

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