Important Facts About Your Check Engine Light

When the check engine light turns on, it's understandable to feel anxiety as you wonder what the cause might be. The light may be due to one of several following reasons.

A poor catalytic converter could be the case. The catalytic changes harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide into harmless compounds. If it fails, your car won't go as fast when you push the gas. For that reason, the check engine light will turn on. Other common problems can include everything from a loose gas cap to faulty spark plugs, and more.

While it can be tempting to ignore a check engine light and just hope for it to go away, the opposite is more often what really happens. Letting small problems proceed without intervention can often give them the time and space they need to grow into bigger problems with expensive fixes.

Don't let that happen. Contact the service center at Freehold Ford in Freehold, NJ. Our expert staff can help you diagnose and fix the problems under your car's hood.

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