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MotorWeek Lauds Lovely, Luxury-Laden 2017 Ford Explorer

It's a question that we here at Freehold Ford have been pondering lately:

Is there anything we don't dig about the 2017 Explorer, our esteemed American automaker's large-and-in-charge SUV?

Quite honestly ... no. The Explorer, in our mind, is a winner from hood to trunk.

You're sure to see what we mean in the clip below. Link up with the automotive mavens at MotorWeek, as they take the Explorer for a test run:

Delivering an altogether uncompromising level of luxury is the Explorer's top-of-the-line trim, the Platinum.

Standard features on this model include an athletic, 365-horsepower…

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Is the Focus RS Drift Mode Fun? You Bet It Is!

To start your Tuesday off on a high note, check out Edmunds Road Test Manager Jonathan Elfalan playing with the Ford Focus RS in drift mode.

In a previous video, Elfalan tested the acceleration and launch control, praising its 350 pound-feet of torque and quick 0-to-60 time (in the test video, he reached 0-to-60 in 4.9 seconds, though Ford claims the Focus RS can achieve a 0-to-62 mph time of 4.7 seconds—which is a weird statistic, presumably…

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Power, Capability, and Style in the 2017 Ford F-150

Even though the upcoming 2018 F-150 is just around the corner, the current 2017 Ford F-150 offers some truly exceptional styling, comfort, convenience, and power; there's a reason it's the best-selling pickup in America, after all! The folks from Autotrader agree and, in the video below, you can hear their opinion on what makes it so amazing. From the handsome styling, to the comfortable cabin with a standard 4.2-inch SYNC touchscreen infotainment system, to the four engine choices, to a maximum towing capacity of 12,200 lbs., and more, you'll wonder why you ever drove anything…

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How New Jersey's Stringent Back-Seat Seatbelt Laws Could Save Your Life

According to a new survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, while 91 percent of Americans always buckle up when they drive, only 72 percent do the same when they're a rear passenger.

A few common reasons cited include not being able to find the rear seatbelt, finding it too uncomfortable, or simply forgetting. However the most common response—40 percent—say it's because buckling in the back seat is not mandated by law.

Only 29 states have rear-seat belt laws, and of those, only 20 have primary enforcement (meaning you can pulled over just for being…

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Creating a Budget

Before you buy a vehicle it is important to make a budget. This will let you know the portion of a monthly income you can afford for vehicle payments. You take your monthly salary, and subtract the monthly expenses from it to see how much money you have leftover, which would be the max you can spend on a monthly car payment.

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Ask the Locals

Planning a road trip can go a long way to ensuring your trip happiness. You don't need to plan out every little thing, but it's very helpful to know where you will be staying and what attractions you don't want to miss. Be sure to plan a few things to do long the way, too, especially if your are going on a long trip. Some of the best things to see and do are right along the highways and would be a real shame to pass up. Plus, it will get everyone out of the car for…
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