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Tire Wear and Tire Rotation Explained

By utilizing a simple task known as "tire rotation" you could prolong the life of your tires by thousands of miles, which could essentially save you hundreds of dollars. Many folks simply drive their car until the tires need to be replaced. By doing this, you are losing money in the long run. By rotating your tires, you are allowing each tire even wear over time. Let me explain. The front of your car, because it has the turning duty of the vehicle, is going to wear differently than the rear. Every time you turn into a curve, or swerve…
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Cleaning the engine

As the oil lubricates the moving parts, it holds on to dirt and other by-products that are not of use to the engine. However, when the oil has a lot of wastes, it becomes useless and is no longer able to perform its work efficiently which may lead to some of that waste deposited back into the engine. Accumulation of the dirt in the engine can result in a break down if not checked. Frequent oil change will ensure the motor stay clean.

A coolant

Oil lubricates the moving parts of your car's engine. It does…
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The Ford Core Recovery Program Has Been Recycling Your Broken Car Parts Since 2003

Ever wonder what happens to the car parts that get replaced when you visit the Freehold Ford service center for repairs?

Beginning in 2003, the Ford Core Recovery Program began collecting broken car parts from dealerships like ours to process them for reuse and recycling. Core Recovery collects parts like windshield wiper motors, fuel injectors, sensors, and more.

In 2010, the program began recycling one of

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Avoid Winter Calamities with this Checklist

As the nation was reminded over the weekend thanks to storm Jonas, winter presents some unique... challenges. You have to wear more clothes, you have to shovel, and you have to keep tabs on your car to make sure the snow and freezing temperatures don't cause damage. Luckily, Ford issued a checklist that can help you take care of that last one.

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Which Vehicle Should Ford Feature as an Ice Sculpture?

What does Ford have to do with ice festivals?

Here’s the link: preparations are well underway for the Plymouth Ice Festival, in Plymouth, Michigan. The annual event will run from January 8th through January 10th and draw many spectators to the area. There are a ton of winter activities slated for the event: including dueling chainsaw demonstrations and lots and lots of great ice sculptures to see.

When Ford recently polled its social media followers, it asked which vehicle folks would like to see carved into an ice sculpture: the Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, Ford GT or Ford Explorer…

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