2018 Ford Edge: Is This the SUV You've Been Waiting For?

Is it time again to find your next vehicle? Are you looking for a car that has the functionality of an SUV but also rides comfortably and is feature-rich? If so, then the 2018 Ford Edge is definitely a vehicle that you should give a try.

The new Ford Edge comes with many features that provide comfort and utility. The Edge comes equipped with a hands-free, foot-activated lift gate which comes in handy when carrying a load to the car without a free hand. The Edge also comes with a trailer package that is designed to reduce sway, provide better…

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Important Battery Information From Freehold Ford

In these bitter cold temperatures, it can sometimes be difficult for your vehicle to start, especially in the morning when the temperatures are at their lowest. If you find that your vehicle is consistently having trouble starting in the morning, then you may want to consider having the battery in your vehicle looked at by the Ford service professionals at Freehold Ford.


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Stop Wasting the Oil, 3000 Miles is too Short for Modern Cars

If you have been following the old rule of changing the oil after every 3000 miles drive, it is time to abandon the habit. It is not a rule, but a myth. Modern vehicles perform perfectly well with oil that has stayed in the car for over 3000 miles. Freehold Ford highlights some of the reasons why you should stop wasting your money on frequent oil change:

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You Will Be in Awe of Ford SYNC 3 Technology

Ford is one of the ground breakers when it comes to automobiles and their technology. The same thing can be said about the iconic company's newest innovation and that is Ford SYNC 3 technology.

Ford SYNC 3 is Ford's newest smart powered, touch screen, entertainment system that is present in their newest vehicles. 

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Being Prepared for Your Upcoming Holiday Road Trip

As the holiday is once again fast upon us, this year it will serve you well if you took the time to plan ahead for things that might go wrong and delay your arrival to your holiday destination. The best time to plan for any potential trouble on the road is while you are sitting comfortably at home, and our team at Freehold Ford is here to help!

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Get from Point A to Point B with 2018 Ford Fiesta

Many new couples want to see the world and they buy a new car to travel in. Usually, a good quality hatchback is the way to go. You can fit everything from keepsakes to surfboards to picnic baskets in the trunk. Pack your wardrobe in the Ford Fiesta and go forth in the Freehold, NJ area!

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Is An SUV the Right Car For You?

If you're considering buying a new vehicle, why not give some thought to an SUV? While there are some pretty good reasons people stick with sedans, there are even more reasons to switch to a vehicle that's more robust.


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MotorWeek Lauds Lovely, Luxury-Laden 2017 Ford Explorer

It's a question that we here at Freehold Ford have been pondering lately:

Is there anything we don't dig about the 2017 Explorer, our esteemed American automaker's large-and-in-charge SUV?

Quite honestly ... no. The Explorer, in our mind, is a winner from hood to trunk.

You're sure to see what we mean in the clip below. Link up with the automotive mavens at MotorWeek, as they take the Explorer for a test run:

Delivering an altogether uncompromising level of luxury is the Explorer's top-of-the-line trim, the Platinum.

Standard features on this model include an athletic, 365-horsepower…

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Is the Focus RS Drift Mode Fun? You Bet It Is!

To start your Tuesday off on a high note, check out Edmunds Road Test Manager Jonathan Elfalan playing with the Ford Focus RS in drift mode.

In a previous video, Elfalan tested the acceleration and launch control, praising its 350 pound-feet of torque and quick 0-to-60 time (in the test video, he reached 0-to-60 in 4.9 seconds, though Ford claims the Focus RS can achieve a 0-to-62 mph time of 4.7 seconds—which is a weird statistic, presumably…

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